Why Team Hoyt and Kennedy on the medals ?

October 17, 2014

The Clonakilty medal this year recognises Boston born  Americans of Irish descent
The 35th  US President John F. Kennedy who sadly was assassinated 51 years ago on Nov 22 nd 1963   had both his great grand parents born in West Cork .In addition, Kennedy Gardens at Emmet square in the centre of town are named after John F. Kennedy.
Ironically  Rick and Dick Hoyt  world wide known as Team Hoyt were awarded The  annual JFK award on Patricks weekend  in March of this year for “Excellence shown in their chosen field “
Goggle Team Hoyt to be inspired by two incredible human beings as no one paragraph written  can capture the love of a father for his  son and their inspirational
contribution to over coming lifes obstacles,and commitment to endurance running and to motivating people to achieve everything they ever dreamed may be possible.
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