Why an IAU Label ? ! ?

February 19, 2015

The International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) is operating under the patronage of the IAAF and is dedicated to develop ultradistance running internationally within the IAAF Rules &
As international governing body for ultradistance running, one of our main objectives is to promote and develop long distance running worldwide by encouraging specific activities in each of the IAAF Continental Areas.

The IAU decided  to introduce the IAU Labelling in 2008  to ensure that:

  • The race course is measured to conform to the IAAF regulations, and this is especially important when a World or Continental Best Performance is run. It is the only way performances can be compared.
  • The race is recognised by its own National Athletics Federation, to bring “ultrarunning” closer to the National Federations.

The result is that only performances in the IAU labelled races will be recognised officially by the IAU   This is not only important for possible “Best Performances” but also for the calculations of the Travel Grants which are distributed at the occasion of our Major IAU Competitions (MIAUC´s)

The 100 km is our “flagship” since the IAAF officially sanctions this distance and also ratifies
100 km world records.

The major IAU competitions are :

  • 100 km World Championships under the patronage of the IAAF
  • 100 km Area Championships
  • 24H World Championships
  • 24H Area Championships
  • Trail World Championship
  • 50 km World Championship
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