Team Hoyt Running Chair at Cork City Marathon 2018 !

May 31, 2018

Andrzej Chomicz, Agnieszka and Marek Pamula are runners to whom running is also a way of helping others. On the 3rd June they will be running together Cork City Marathon and pushing on a running chair their disabled friend – Mirek. Mirek is living in Poland and by invitation of some good fellows he can come to Ireland for this event. It is a big thing for all of them as it is a part of a bigger project. Agnieszka and Marek will attempt to run 500 miles along famous pilgrimage trail Camino de Santiago in order to raise funds for Mirek’s rehabilitation.
Andrzej and Marek already have some experience with pushing the chair. Last year they ran together Clonakilty marathon pushing on a running chair another friend, Darek. Andrzej did that a few more times before, he is the good soul.
We think it’s great that this type of running with a disabled person being involved is evolving and becoming more popular. The Hoyt Team were pioneers of their time and they did fantastic job. Now we hear of many more initiatives like that. It’s beautiful image of what people are capable of if they decide to go outside of their own ego. To have a chance to bring some happiness to life of suffering person is a blessing. Andrzej keeps saying this: “I am healthy, I am blessed to be able to run, and so it is my responsibility to help those who cannot.” I think this sums it up.
Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon wishing you the very best of luck this weekend ,
Our love & best wishes
Your Clon Crew
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