Team Abby Mac in Cork City Marathon 2017 !

Here you witness the joy when Boston firefighter Greg McCurtain and his wonderful daughter Abby finishing the Cork City Marathon 2017 using Rick Hoyt’s original Blade Running chair donated from Team Hoyt to Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon. These fantastic running chairs are built in Southbridge ,MA,US by Anna Sotar and Mike DiDonato of Team Hoyt Running Chairs.

Quote from Greg himself ” What a great day. The boys from the Fire Brigade are the ones in blue with us. They each took turns running beside us in their own relays. The set up to pace Abby and I’s mile/min. Couldn’t ask for better support from them and the Clonakilty crew! “

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon are delighted to encourage & support Inclusion in Sports on all levels.


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