Cool Personalised Race Bib !!

November 21, 2015

That’s right you still have an option to personalise your own race bib until 22nd November at midnight  🙂

This year , it is all about inclusion, running Together as One , the ability to get Running & Rolling with the inspirational Team Kerr, Jerry Forde, Team Hoyt and so many more families coping with disabilities through an active lifestyle.

Our medals, finish tank tops and race bib acknowledge Team Hoyt unique first visit to West Cork, Ireland in July this year at The Keith Whyte Waterfront Ultra Marathon III, their inspirational life story and presentation talks, & running with Team Kerr, Jerry Forde, and Marathon Club of Ireland and so many more walkers,runners & wheelchair participants on the


Have a safe and great run on December 5th and look forward to welcome you to West Cork 🙂


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